Is it Really Necessary to Detox to Lose Weight?

This question is one that many people wonder about when they’re going to embark on a weight loss journey. Usually they get the idea from watching weight loss reality TV shows or YouTubers’ videos or just articles on the net.

The idea of detoxing the body to start off the journey with a ‘clean slate’ is deemed a wise move. But is it really necessary?

The answer is no.

  • It’s not for everyone

    In fact, a detox may make many people throw in the towel within half a day because they’re hungry. A basic detox may last 3 days where you drink some detox tea and don’t eat any food. While this is an excellent way to cleanse the body, this is a challenging endeavor.

    If you’re working, this 3-day detox can be even more harsh. You’ll be feeling lethargic, may have headaches, and be craving food all the time. You’ll probably not be in a good mood.

    So, doing a 3-day detox is best kept for a period when you can stay at home and endure the hunger pangs. That said, not everyone will have the will power to pull this off.

    If you’re used to eating round the clock, the cravings just may be too much to handle and you may find yourself binge eating in the middle of the night under the pale-yellow glow of the refrigerator light.

  • Slow and steady

    Since a detox can be a harsh protocol to follow, even if it’s just a few days, what you can do is switch to a raw fruit and vegetable juice diet for 3 to 7 days. This is almost as good as a detox diet that just uses teas.

    You’ll be less hungry and it will be emotionally easier. The goal of any detox is to cleanse the body. While your liver is capable of this, assistance from you will help to speed up the process.

    If a raw juice diet is still too difficult, then you can choose to gradually replace the unhealthy food choices you make with healthier ones. It will be a slow process and take you a longer time to detox, but you’ll still achieve your goal.

  • Are there benefits?

    The reason most fitness trainers and weight loss programs recommend a detox is so that the body is cleansed and inflammation reduces. Our diets are often rich in processed foods which wreak havoc on the body.

    When your body is inflamed, weight loss becomes much more difficult because the cells are not really responding to the diet and exercise. The body is already stressed out.

    You may feel lethargic, have aches and pains and just don’t feel optimal. So, detoxing will help boost your energy, reduce inflammation and improve digestion.

    You can choose to detox the ‘hardcore’ way by using detox teas for 3 to 7 days, or you can choose to do it gradually by cleaning up your diet completely.

    Whichever way you go, the end goal will be to make yourself healthier so that your body is primed for weight loss. Detoxing is not a must, but it will help. So, give it some thought and decide how you’re going to do it.

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